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My name is Maja Kraljik, (39) who lives in Istria in Umag, Croatia.

Photography has always been my passion, as well as everything related to nature and meteorology. It was only 8 years ago that I managed to combine it all into one, when I became actively involved in photography.

In those 8 years, in addition to weather photography, I did other types of photography, such as macro, astro and landscape, and which I still do … only in a much smaller proportion than before.

Some of the examples are in the galleries.

The love for meteophotography came of its own accord and quite expectedly as I mastered the basics of photography more and more.

I started learning more and more about certain things how to get the perfect storm with perfect formations and structures and how to fit it all into a perfect shot.

I was most attracted to that feeling of uneasiness when I know a storm is coming. In fact, since I was a child, I was fascinated by storms and meteorological phenomena in general, and the more unusual something was, the more I was attracted to it. The desire grew with each new film made about extreme natural disasters, and with each new viewing of lightning flashes through the window.

I am happy to have continued my love of weather photography. There are many wishes in the future, and I will try to fulfill them with each new stormseason.

Someone once said that you don’t fall in love with weather, you are born with that love.

Thank you all for visiting my page, I hope you enjoyed!

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Maja Kraljik
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